Multi Genre Essays: Can You Write Using Different Styles?

Multi Genre Essays: Can You Write Using Different Styles?

Is a multi genre essay a new task for you? Have you never prepared something like a multi genre essay before?

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If it is really so, do not panic! Although you may feel confused at the moment, you will cope with this assignment.

We are sure you have a lot of questions about multi genre essays. Thus, let us answer them so that you can get down to work.

What is a genre all about?

Actually, it is one of the basic questions you should answer. What does a “genre” mean when we talk about essays?

To put it in simple words, a genre is a type of writing. There is a great variety of genres or types of writing: advertisements, newspaper articles, illustrations, descriptions, monologues and dialogues, and so on.

What is the gist of a multi genre essay?

When writing a multi genre essay, your mission boils down to disclosing a topic using several genres. In this way, you provide different looks at the topic or ways to view it.

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What genres can you use in your multi genre essay?

Definitely, the choice is up to you, and you may choose whatever type of writing for your multi genre essay. Yet, you should always keep in mind the topic of your paper and the audience when selecting genres.

The genre you pick should be close and clear to the audience. If you write the multi genre essay for young people, using the style of a newspaper article is a bad idea. Or, if your multi genre essay were devoted to a historical topic, the style of a greeting card would be a bad choice.

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