Naturalistic Observation Essays: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing

Naturalistic Observation Essays: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing

Without proper explanations and instructions, writing naturalistic observation essays might seem rather tricky. However, we are sure that even a brief guide like this article will help you sort out the main principles of making naturalistic observation essays.

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Below, we describe the main steps one should take to prepare a good naturalistic observation essay. Before that, let us explain the gist of your task.

Writing a naturalistic observation essay boils down to observing some object or phenomenon in the natural setting, probably for quite a long period. After that, you need to compose an essay based on your observations.

Now, here are particular steps you will have to take to complete your naturalistic observation essay.

Step 1

Your work on the naturalistic observation essay will start with choosing an object. Mind that it should be something from nature, any object or phenomenon. Besides, make sure you have seen this object several times before and will be able to observe it for some time to write your naturalistic observation essay.

Sometimes, teachers allow using photos for the completion of naturalistic observation essays. While it can be a good solution, photos cannot provide a full picture and understanding of the object from nature.

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Step 2

So, you have picked an object for your naturalistic observation essay and you are ready to start observing it. Do not hurry! Answer the following questions before writing your naturalistic observation essay:

  • Why is this object important for nature?
  • Can it teach you something about life?
  • What is the object’s habitat?
  • What does it consist of (if anything)?
  • What are its major characteristics?
  • Does it change somehow over time?

Step 3

Now, you are ready to start writing your naturalistic observation essay. Describe the object and write down your answers to the above-mentioned questions. Mind that naturalistic observation essays should be arranged like any other essay type.

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