APA Format Research Papers: Answers to Your Questions

APA Format Research Papers: Answers to Your Questions

We know that students usually have a lot of questions about APA format research papers even if they have already completed several projects. Needless to say, guys who have to write research papers in APA format for the first time must be absolutely confused with the great number of rules and requirements they need to stick to.

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Yet, you do not have to worry, because in this article you will find answers to some common questions about APA format research papers. Particularly, these are explanations of some typical vague points students have.

How my APA format research paper should look like and be formatted?

APA format research papers look pretty simple. They are typed on a white paper, have a title page and reference page.

Double spacing is used in the text of APA format research papers. If you want to single space something (e.g. a quote or a verse), better consult your instructor.

One-inch margins are used in APA format research papers.

How should I arrange headings in my APA format research paper?

Basically, there are three ways to arrange headings in your paper:

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  1. put them in the center of a page;
  2. make underlined headings and put them in the left side of the page;
  3. indent, underline headings.

How should I use figures and tables in my APA format research paper?

Actually, it is rather a complicated thing to explain, and it is better to consult any APA Manual. The main rule you should keep in mind is that every figure or table you include should be labeled with the words Figure or Table and should have a number.

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