A Good Thesis Statement: Its Main Characteristics and Principles of Developing

A Good Thesis Statement: Its Main Characteristics and Principles of Developing

Let us not waste your time talking about the significance of a good thesis statement. We just want to tell you that every reader is looking for it once he/she takes your paper and starts reading it.

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If the reader cannot find a good thesis statement or finds it but it is ineffective, most probably he/she will quit reading further. This is why we suggest you learn some golden rules of making a good thesis statement right now!

A good thesis statement does the following:

  • states what you are going to prove or believe in;
  • distinguishes a well thought-over paper from a mere retelling of facts and events;
  • helps you stay focused throughout the writing process.

The main characteristics of a good thesis statement

A good thesis statement should meet the following requirements:

  • It should be clear and focused;
  • It should be arguable;
  • It should reflect your position on a topic.

Things to avoid in a good thesis statement

There are two things that should be avoided in a good thesis statement:

  • Vague language, e.g. “issues”, “it seems”;
  • The first person, e.g. “in my opinion”, “I suppose”.

How to make a good thesis statement

There are several questions that you should ask yourself if you want to make a good thesis statement:

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  • Will the reader ask questions like “Why?”, “How?”
  • Can the reader ask “So what?” or “Who cares?”
  • Can an expert say something like “No way”?
  • Is it clear to the reader what major points you are going to make?

So, writing a thesis statement is not easy. However, it plays such an important role, thus, deserves your time and efforts.