Parts of a Research Paper: Proper Organization of Your Paper

Parts of a Research Paper: Proper Organization of Your Paper

Creating a perfect research paper is not an easy mission. Students make a lot of mistakes in their projects. However, some of them can be easily avoided. Particularly, proper organization of your research paper will definitely save a lot of marks.

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What does proper organization actually mean? Well, it just means that all parts of your research paper should be in the right order and none of them should be missed.

If you have some doubts about necessary parts of research papers, we can help you. Below, we have listed all parts of research papers and provided some explanations.

  • Parts of a research paper: a title page
    A title page gives information about you, your instructor, course, the date of submission, and the title of your research paper.
  • Parts of a research paper: an abstract
    It is a short summary of your work, maximum 200 words long.
  • Parts of a research paper: an introduction
    This part of your research paper is usually 2 pages long and does not have paragraphs like other sections of your paper. The main purpose of making an introduction is to describe the significance of your study.
  • Parts of a research paper: methods
    As a rule, this section does not have strict page limits. However, you have to make it as precise as possible so that other people could use the same methods if necessary. This part describes all methods, materials, equipment, etc. used to conduct research.
  • Parts of a research paper: results
    This section should also be very concise. You have to introduce the results of research, some of your findings. Use tables and graphs to do it.

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