Psychology Literature Reviews: Basic Writing Guidelines

Psychology Literature Reviews: Basic Writing Guidelines

Psychology literature reviews may be either a part of Psychology dissertations or a separate assignment. No matter what your case is, this task is not simple, and it is better to get down to preparing your Psychology literature review as soon as possible.

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By the way, we strongly recommend you talk to your advisor before writing the Psychology literature review and get necessary instructions. This type of work may be completed in different ways. So, it is important to know what specific requirements you should stick to while writing your Psychology literature review.

In this article, we are ready to provide some general facts and guidelines for making good Psychology literature reviews.

Approaches to writing Psychology literature reviews

Basically, you may choose from two approaches to completing your Psychology literature review:

  1. Choose a certain research area, study all relevant works, and write a review;
  2. Think of a point that you want to make or a unifying theme, select relevant studies, and write a review.

The main purposes of making Psychology literature reviews

No matter what approach to making your Psychology literature review you choose, you will still pursue two major purposes:

  1. Describe past research done in your research area;
  2. Evaluate the work done.

Pay special attention to these two elements of Psychology literature reviews. If you just describe or evaluate previous works, your review will be incomplete.

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What else should be done to complete Psychology literature reviews successfully

Your ability to describe and evaluate are not the only skills you need to make a good Psychology literature review. You will also have to compare studies in your area of research, compare research theories, assumptions, hypotheses, results, etc. All that should also be reflected in your review.

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