Sample Literature Review Papers: What for?

Sample Literature Review Papers: What for?

Really, is there any urgent need to spend time on sample literature review papers? If you are absolutely sure that sample literature review papers are a waste of time, than you do not even have to read this article.

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However, if somewhere deep in your mind you think that sample literature review papers might be useful, but you have no idea how exactly, spend 3 minutes to read this till the end.

First, let us remind you that a literature review is an overwhelming task, something that almost all students hate doing. We also want to remind that a really good literature review is not easy to complete. This is exactly why you should start with finding sample literature review papers.

Here are more explanations for you.

  • Is this the first literature review you have to make? Then, samples are absolutely necessary. Analysis of a sample literature review paper will help you get the overall gist of this assignment. Many students take it a bit incorrectly.
  • It is not the first review of literature that you make. Yet, have you already decided on the themes you want to address this time? Find recent literature review examples. Check what themes are popular among students.
  • Do you remember how you have organized the body paragraphs of your previous reviews (if you have made one)? Do you know how to arrange the body of a literature review if this is your first one? After you analyze sample literature review papers, you will learn that the body of a literature review can be:
    • Chronological;
    • Thematic;
    • Methodological;
    • By publication, etc.

These are just a few reasons why you need to start with examples. Besides, read our next article about a critical literature review.