Social Science Dissertations: What Is the Difference?

Social Science Dissertations: What Is the Difference?

Writing dissertations in Social Sciences is a bit different from completing projects on other disciplines. On the one hand, your social science dissertation will be organized according to some basic traditions of dissertation writing. What we mean is that you will have to write a social science dissertation research proposal, structure your paper properly, follow all format requirements, and so on.

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The main difference of social science dissertations lies in the content. Thus, let us give you some hints on how to make your project effective.

  • The main rule one should keep in mind when working on social science dissertations.
    You should avoid using moral and ethical considerations in your project. Social science dissertations are about logical results that you obtain after conducting research.
  • Why is your project important?
    Many social science dissertation writers find it difficult to explain the significance of their research. If you face the same problem, try to connect your work with real-life human needs.
  • Previous studies
    It is very important to study and analyze a great number of previous works related to the topic of your social science dissertation. Following this way, you will be able to explain the importance of your own research clearly.
  • Accuracy and originality
    These are two major distinctive features of a good social science dissertation. Check and double-check data, numbers and figures that you use. Believe us, your dissertation committee will do it and will not be happy to find some inaccuracies.

Make sure that your hypothesis is original. It should not be similar to any previous projects.

So, your mission is not easy indeed. This is why we have additional tips for you. Our next articles are devoted to writing a Political Science dissertation and Sociology dissertation.