Editorial Topics: Twenty-Nine Fantastic Ideas for Paper Writing!

Editorial Topics: Twenty-Nine Fantastic Ideas for Paper Writing!

Editorial Topics: Thirty-One Tips for Amazingly Creative Writing

‘Creating topics for editorial? Sounds lame,’ most students think. ‘But that’s a part of studying, right?’

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Creating an editorial topic is a lot of fun. Need some proof? Well, just take a look at the ideas below!

Editorial Topics: Start Exploring the Possibilities of the Genre

In fact, creating editorial topics is really easy – once you see the editorial topic ideas list, you’ll be able to create your own topics in a blink of an eye. Remember:

  1. Introduce a conflict;
  2. Be innovative;
  3. Offer your own solutions.

Here go the some true winners among editorial topic ideas!

Editorial Topics: Fighting Controversy, Intrigues and Challenges

A part of being a writer of editorials is creating articles on controversial topics. Let’s see what ideas will be the most successful:

  1. Abortion. Common Sense Against Social Morals;
  2. Gambling. Don’t Sell Your Life for a Deck of Cards;
  3. Children Adoption… for Same-Sex Couples;
  4. Clones, GMOs… How Far Will Genetic Engineering Go?
  5. When Poverty Rates Hit the Ceiling: Something Has to Be Done.

Choose a topical social issue – and you can be sure you’re halfway through!

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Editorial Topics: Persuasive Writing. Convince the Audience!

Alternatively, you can take a relatively old idea for discussion and make it significant. Turn your paper persuasive – pick some persuasive topics to write on!

  1. On Violence in Mass Media: Children See It!
  2. Alcoholic Drinks Commercials: on TV Hypocrisy;
  3. The Abuse of Sexual Imagery in Mass Media;
  4. Children and Animals in Advertising: Consumerist Cuties.

Although some of the issues above are not quite popular,, they can still seem attractive when served hot – that is, in a witty and intriguing manner.

Editorial Topics: Something Children Will Explore with Delight.

Kids can also deal with difficult social issues – in fact, sometimes they do it even better than adults. So here are editorial topics for kids:

  1. Is Watching TV Good or Bad?
  2. Parents Divorced: the Way I See It;
  3. What I Think about Terrorism;
  4. Don’t Mock Obese People – Help Them;
  5. Can a Boy Make Friends with a Girl?

Go-go, kids – you know these things better than adults!

Editorial Topics: See Some Middle School Prize-Winning Concepts.

Time to offer some help for middle school students! Try to incorporate your opinion and the authoritative ideas on the following issues:

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  1. The Negative Effect of Internet Slang on Everyday Language;
  2. Generation Gap and the Means to Cross It;
  3. Being Overweight: Grind and Bear It… or Get up and Fight It;
  4. Books Lose to Internet: Reading. More than Getting Information;
  5. My Vision of a Teacher: a Teacher Through the Eyes of a Student.

Use some of these editorial topics for middle school – and you’ll see that some issues never age. Perhaps, you are the one to find the solution for them – who knows?

Editorial Topics: Enticing College Students with Peculiar Ideas.

Well, it’s high time you’ve had your say on the way the society works, don’t you think? And the best way to do that is to pick one of the editorial topics for college below and to write on it. Need expert help? Here are some clues. The hot tickets for this year are…

  1. Barack Obama’s Policy Should Be Changed;
  2. Gay Marriage as Another Acknowledgement of People’s Rights;
  3. World Economics of the XXI Century. Another Crisis Ahead;
  4. Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Must Be Stopped;
  5. To Merge or not to Merge: Culture Fusion Is Inevitable.

Editorial Topics 2021: Forecasting 2022 Discussion Issues

There are topics that you just cannot get rid of. They maintain their appeal from one year to another and always stay topical. Here they are:

  1. Meddling God’s Domain: Cloning. Medical and Ethical Perspectives;
  2. Genetic Engineering: Potential Danger or Best Solution?
  3. Computer Engineering Will Change the World;
  4. Environmental Disasters Can Be Prevented: Ideas and Their Implementation;
  5. Medicine: the “Walking Wound” and the “Crisis Care” Conflict.

With these editorial topic examples, your perfect mark is just around the corner.

Editorials Topics: Last but not Least, Final Recommendation

So, with these tips… Hold it, where are you running? You still have something important to learn!

  • Use some witty catchphrases and idioms to keep the reader’s attention;
  • Avoid clichés and cloned or repetitive constructions;
  • Make the reader see the problem from a new angle.

Well, you don’t have to cry, “I need topics for essay!” anymore – now you are ready to create one of the most successful editorials ever. Good luck!