Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation: Where to Find

Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation: Where to Find

When you are writing your own dissertation, it is often the case that you are struggling in search for additional information. Seemingly, all possible sources have been found and thoroughly read through. And still you lack something innovatory that may give a new turn to your work.

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In this case, unpublished doctoral dissertations may be the answer you are seeking. Read on and find out how to find and use unpublished doctoral dissertations that will provide you with the information you need!

Where to Look for Doctoral Dissertations:

  • Traditionally, the place you would be looking for sources for your own research are university libraries. Along with the printed editions, students make wide use of online sources nowadays. However, the latter are mostly limited to research articles in peer-reviewed journals that are published online.
  • In fact, the scope of your research may be dramatically enlarged if you look through the unpublished doctoral dissertations. Most typically, unpublished doctoral dissertations are stored in online databases, and some universities even have specialized online databases for unpublished doctoral dissertations.
  • It is significant to know that most unpublished doctoral dissertations are represented by dissertation abstracts. Therefore, if you want to get full access to them, you might need to purchase them from the educational institution that hosts the unpublished doctoral dissertations database.
  • In addition, you may turn directly to the library where the unpublished doctoral dissertation is filed. In this case you may get direct access to the unpublished doctoral dissertation of your interest.