People usually do not like different limitations. They want to express their thoughts freely and do not obey any rules. Nevertheless, they are obliged to as nobody likes to live in chaos. Academic writing is the sphere where one should meet the requirements. Other behaviors are not accepted. Thus, if you have to write a dissertation abstract there are some points to be taken into consideration. These are the following:
Dissertatio abstracts: The main purpose of writing
Why for do we need to write dissertation abstracts? Why are they so important? These questions are quite natural and may arise every minute. Undoubtedly, before performing the dissertation abstract one should learn this notion in details. Besides, it is advisable to find some examples of dissertation abstracts and get acquainted with their structure and manner of writing. Let us know more about dissertation abstracts right now.

  1. Dissertation abstract is considered to be a brief summary of the results of the paper. It is aimed at telling the audience the content of the dissertation and its conclusions.
  2. Normally dissertation abstract is written after the research is finished. It is a piece of writing where the author states the importance of the investigation, project goals, and the methods applied, the main results and conclusions.
  3. Dissertation abstract usually consists of one page. It is brief but self-contained piece of information which should make a person read the whole dissertation.
  4. If you are limited in the number of words you have to use strong and convincing style of writing. Everything depends on your ability to make people interested in your ideas. These skills are very important here.

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thesis abstractThe main purpose of writing thesis abstracts can be defined as “selling” a project to the reader. You know, people are quite lazy and will not get down to reading your thesis until they make sure it is a worthy project. First, they will study your thesis abstract, and if it intrigues them, they will read the rest of the paper.
Let us present you several rules of making strong and attention-grabbing thesis abstracts.
Rule #1
Do not start writing a thesis abstract if the whole project is not finished yet. If you prepare it earlier, you run the risk to miss something significant and make your thesis abstract inaccurate.
Rule #2
Make your thesis abstract brief and concise. As a rule, thesis abstracts are not longer than 200-300 words or two paragraphs. Do not forget that the reader appreciates his/her time and will spend just a couple of minutes to read your thesis abstract.
Rule #3
Make sure your thesis abstract includes some basic key words, terms related to your topic. In this way, chances that the reader finds your project using a search engine are much higher.
Rule #4
Take time to decide on the appropriate content of your thesis abstracts. Include the following:

  • significance of your work – explain why it is worth reading;
  • say a few words about what the reader should expect from your project, describe results.

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dissertation executive summaryDo you hear about a dissertation executive summary for the first time? Do you have to make one but have no clue what it is about? Then let us explain you something about executive summaries for dissertations.
Probably, you will be surprised, but a dissertation executive summary means the same as dissertation abstracts. And a dissertation abstract is just a brief summary of your project.
No matter how this part of a dissertation is called, we are going to provide you with necessary details so that you could complete it successfully.
The gist of a dissertation executive summary
You have two important missions when making a dissertation executive summary:

  1. Briefly describe your project and its most important points;
  2. Attract the reader and make him/her read your dissertation.

How long should a dissertation executive summary be?
It should be very brief and specific. As a rule, executive summaries do not exceed a 250-300 word limit.
When a dissertation executive summary should be written?
Better make it after the rest of your project is finished. Thus, you can be sure that none of the significant points will be missed in your dissertation executive summary.
What particular points should be included into a dissertation executive summary?
Make sure you include the following important points into your summary:

  • an introduction of your area of study and your topic;
  • a statement of the main argument of your project;
  • a few words about methodology and approaches used for researching and analyzing the topic.

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dissertation appendixSure, a thesis or dissertation appendix is not the most significant chapter of your project. However, it does not mean that you should take its organization lightly. After all, an appendix in a thesis or dissertation (if you include it) will contain important information that serves as additional explanations. Besides, such serious paper as a thesis or dissertation does not have some chapters that can be considered insignificant.
So, if you have some difficulties with your dissertation appendix, we are ready to help you.
General rules for organizing a dissertation appendix

  • If you include a dissertation appendix, it should be placed before the Bibliography;
  • You have to start each appendix on a new page;
  • Dissertation appendices are usually numbered 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C;
  • Dissertation appendices should be mentioned in the Table of Contents.

Information to be included into your dissertation appendix
This part of your project includes so-called visual aids and some additional information that helps to get your work better.
Things that are referred to as visual aids and that should appear in a dissertation appendix are diagrams, graphs, tables, maps, some pictures and calculations, etc.
Other information that can be important to understand your project:

  • Questionnaires, although the results should be presented in the body of your thesis/dissertation;
  • Descriptions of some tools and equipment used to obtain necessary results;
  • Raw data appears in appendices, while analyzed and summarized data is presented in the body of your paper.

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Posted on May 15th, 2009

dissertation abstracts internationalYou should know so many things if you are involved into dissertation writing. They refer not only to the writing process itself. Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI) is one of those issues. You will find all necessary explanations about Dissertation Abstracts International in this article.
What is Dissertation Abstracts International about?
Almost all dissertations written in North American institutions are submitted to ProQuest or DAI. Dissertation Abstracts International can be defined as a database that publishes thesis and dissertation abstracts. As you know, abstracts are important for other researchers who are looking for papers relevant to their area of studies.
What are some peculiarities of Dissertation Abstracts International?
The main difference between Dissertation Abstracts International and other dissertation databases is that you will not have immediate access to a full text document. What you will find are necessary abstracts. You have a chance to read them and find out whether a full text document suits you. Then you can order it from Dissertation Abstracts International.
Another peculiarity is that Dissertation Abstracts International has several sections:

  • Section A (Humanities and Social Sciences);
  • Section B (Sciences and Engineering);
  • Section S (Worldwide).

Your abstract in Dissertation Abstracts International
Most likely, you will also have to write an abstract of your dissertation and submit it to DAI. This is what you should consider:

  • Your abstract should be 350 words long;
  • Each chapter of your dissertation should be indicated in the abstract;
  • Make sure that your abstract includes important terms and key words.

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dissertation abstractIf you want to know about the secrets of writing thrilling dissertation abstracts, then information presented in this article is what you need!
To start your work on writing dissertation abstracts, you should know and understand the essence of such kind of work.
Dissertation abstracts are short, but rather descriptive summaries of certain dissertation papers prepared by students.
Before students start writing dissertations, they need to present worthwhile dissertation abstracts to be approved by their tutors and the committee. Usually, dissertation abstracts are prepared on separate sheets of paper and give a brief presentation of a work.
A dissertation abstract presents the whole work condensed to one informative paragraph. Surely, if a student finds one paragraph not enough to explain the purposes of his/her work, the size of dissertation abstracts may be changed. This should naturally be discussed with your tutor.
Many students think that dissertation abstracts and dissertation proposals is one and the same thing! Do not make such a mistake! Writing a dissertation proposal will take more time than dissertation abstract writing, and it has quite different functions.
Dissertation abstracts should include three main issues:

  • Main problems under consideration;
  • Methods you intend to use to disclose a topic;
  • Expected results of research.

Make sure you point out all of them. Omitting any of these three issues in a dissertation abstract may cause some unpleasant results.
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dissertation fundingDissertation funding for PhD candidates is a kind of financial aid to PhD writers that is provided by dissertation Fellowships of different academic institutions. The majority of PhD programs, such as dissertations funding, accepts and supports students’ desire to conduct research in universities all over the world.
There are also dissertation Fellowships providing financial award in case a dissertation is made excellently. The award may be from $5,000 up to $25,000.
PhD programs provided by dissertation Fellowships offer funding packages to the students requiring financial aid. Dissertation funding packages are available to the students accepted to a certain dissertation Fellowship program and are given either as partial or full tuition remission as well as living stipends.
Dissertations funding can also include admission to the variety of grants and scholarships, teaching assistantships and loans. Applicants to such dissertation Fellowship programs should tell in their applications about their desire to be considered for financial aid and dissertations funding from a certain program.
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