Posted on December 9th, 2010

The copies of all doctoral theses submitted for a degree at most of the University are cataloged in theses library. The online theses database points out the location of the ‘use copy’ of the thesis listed in library.
Students can seek for theses presented in digital libraries so as to find the thesis paper on topics they want. This article helps the students to know about the database thesis. Any theses database contains the location detail of the full thesis students are looking for. But students must know how to use the online database thesis effectively to produce original thesis.
Database thesis: Why to use?
Students can download database thesis using different search methods.

  • Most of the theses submitted for degree are stored in some resources like ProQuest. Students can acquire archived thesis through different types of libraries.
  • Students can refer downloaded thesis for reference and citations while preparing the dissertation they are assigned with.

Database thesis: How to use effectively?
Students must use the downloaded thesis wisely and effectively to produce profound thesis. Just downloading few theses will not help in completing the required dissertation successfully. But students need to use the downloaded thesis wisely.

  • Students must make a thorough research of the downloaded thesis and use only the significant matter needed for their thesis.
  • Students can find relevant resources from the downloaded theses.
  • Students must take care not to copy any information from the downloaded thesis in order to avoid plagiarism.

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research paper thesisAny piece of academic writing requires a thesis statement. It is something that all teachers want to see in students’ essays and papers. It is an element that can affect the final grade on a paper and even its overall quality and effectiveness.
Understanding how to make a research paper thesis statement seems to be even more important, because you may be dealing with a serious research project. If your research paper thesis statement is missing, you cannot count on a good grade. Your teacher will certainly spot it and will take away several marks for that.
So, let us explain you what a strong research paper thesis statement is and how to develop one.
What a research paper thesis statement is all about
In a few words, a research paper thesis can be defined as the focus. It is the focus of your ideas, of your research, and finally, the main focus of your work.
When you should start developing a research paper thesis
The answer to this question can be very precise and brief. You should get down to creating your research paper thesis after you do an in-depth research of the chosen topic.
Where a research paper thesis should appear
Here, you should follow a standard rule, which says that a research paper thesis statement should appear somewhere at the end of a research paper introduction. By the way, this fact makes a thesis especially important. If you cannot grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning, the rest of your paper does not really matter.
The main features of a strong research paper thesis
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writing thesis statementIt is not a secret that writing a thesis statement is considered to be one of the trickiest stages of the writing process. Because of its functions, writing a thesis statement is taken so seriously. It helps to:

  • present the main idea of a paper;
  • introduce the writer’s position on a problem;
  • grab the reader’s attention.

Thus, writing a thesis statement usually requires enough time and efforts. Here you can find a more detailed answer to the question “What is a thesis statement”.
In this article, we want to share several effective ways of writing thesis statements and making them eyeball catchy.
Writing a thesis statement: way 1
To grab the reader’s attention, try to “attack” a well-known truth, something that is usually taken for granted, e.g. “It is believed that…, but in reality…”
Writing a thesis statement: way 2
Drawing unlikely parallels and making unusual connections is another way to make your thesis catchy. It can be something like that “Newton’s law of universal gravitation can be used to explain the relations between the main characters of the story”.
Writing a thesis statement: way 3
Rehabilitate a “bad guy”. During your studies, no matter whether it is Literature, or History, or some other subject, you will meet a lot of “anti-heroes”. Try to look at them from a positive point of view, justify their actions, and make it the main idea of your thesis statement.
Writing a thesis statement: way 4
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what is a thesis statementWhat is a thesis statement? We are sure every student wants to know a precise answer, because it is one of the most important components of written assignments.
In this article, we want to provide you with several answers that characterize thesis statements and explain what a thesis statement is all about.
What is a thesis statement?
Answer #1: it is the central idea of your work. It should be something you strongly believe in and are ready to prove.
What is a thesis statement?
Answer #2: it is an answer to the main question you pose in your work. By the way, making up a question is the first step to creating a good thesis statement.
You have a topic. Is there something specific about it that really interests you? Ask a question about it. Then, put down on paper all answers you have. An answer that seems the most appealing to you will be a thesis statement.
What is a thesis statement?
Answer #3: in other words, it can be defined as the main sentence in your paper. First, a good thesis should not be longer than a sentence. Second, this sentence expresses the gist of your work.
What is a thesis statement?
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thesis acknowledgementYou are going to finish your thesis project soon. Do you think you would be able to finish it without so many people who were by your side? The answer is obvious!
So, this is high time to thank all of them and write your thesis acknowledgement page. Do you have some doubts on how thesis acknowledgements should be organized? Then let us help you with this part of your project.
What are thesis acknowledgements about?
We are sure you already know the answer. A thesis acknowledgement page is designed to express your gratitude to all people who were somehow important for your research and work.
How to write thesis acknowledgements
You may take the following steps to organize your thesis acknowledgement page properly.
First, put down on paper the names of all people who helped you get through your project. You may include:

  • Your advisor;
  • Committee members;
  • Any faculty member;
  • Librarians;
  • Lab assistants;
  • Family;
  • Friends, etc.

Second, you will have to narrow down this list, since it is not necessary to mention every single person in your thesis acknowledgements. Think about those who contributed to your success greatly.
Useful phrases for your thesis acknowledgements
You may use the following expressions for writing the thesis acknowledgement page:

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a good thesis statementLet us not waste your time talking about the significance of a good thesis statement. We just want to tell you that every reader is looking for it once he/she takes your paper and starts reading it.
If the reader cannot find a good thesis statement or finds it but it is ineffective, most probably he/she will quit reading further. This is why we suggest you learn some golden rules of making a good thesis statement right now!
A good thesis statement does the following:

  • states what you are going to prove or believe in;
  • distinguishes a well thought-over paper from a mere retelling of facts and events;
  • helps you stay focused throughout the writing process.

The main characteristics of a good thesis statement
A good thesis statement should meet the following requirements:

  • It should be clear and focused;
  • It should be arguable;
  • It should reflect your position on a topic.

Things to avoid in a good thesis statement
There are two things that should be avoided in a good thesis statement:

  • Vague language, e.g. “issues”, “it seems”;
  • The first person, e.g. “in my opinion”, “I suppose”.

How to make a good thesis statement
There are several questions that you should ask yourself if you want to make a good thesis statement:

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thesis statementsAlthough essays and other types of written assignments are something that students make on a regular basis, creating strong thesis statements is one of the weak points of many students. Ineffective thesis statements are also one of the reasons why grades on papers are reduced.
We suppose it is high time to stop making weak thesis statements and learn some simple strategies on how to cope with this task successfully.
First, let us check whether you know what a thesis statement is all about.
The definition of a thesis statement
It is a sentence (or two) that reflects the purpose of writing a paper and highlights its main points.
The main characteristics of strong thesis statements
Each time when you try to make a thesis statement, make sure it fits the following characteristics.

  • It is your assertion and not a fact that you state;
  • It expresses your position on a subject;
  • It is narrow and specific;
  • It introduces one or two main points of your work.

The right place for thesis statements
A thesis statement should appear in the introductory paragraph of your paper. First, you make a “hook” – an attention-grabbing first sentence. After that, you make a lead-in sentence – something like a brief introduction to the topic of your paper. Finally, you write a thesis statement that highlights the main points you are going to make.
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Posted on May 13th, 2009

thesis writingYou have signed up for writing a thesis, but your work has not started yet. Yes, you are just trying to pull yourself together and get inspired for such a serious and long-lasting project.
Well, we have to say it is a good start. Thesis writing will be an absolutely new experience for you, which means many unexpected things are waiting for you.
In this article, we are not going to tell about all those peculiarities associated with thesis writing. However, we know that anybody who gets down to thesis writing should be aware of several important things. We have listed them below and provided some explanations.
Thesis writing – beginning
The first few months of thesis writing will be the most intimidating. You will feel worried and a bit scared each time you get back to your project. There is so much work to do!
It is ok. Just wait until at least the first chapter is ready. After that, thesis writing will seem more exciting and productive.
Thesis writing – no single day without work
You will have to work on a regular basis, day by day. Remember one simple rule of thesis writing: at least something should be done or written every day. It can be a kind of plan, some notes, or even a photocopy. All these tiny steps get you closer to the end of thesis writing.
Thesis writing – your timetable
At a glance, it seems that a timetable or schedule is just a piece of paper with deadlines. Yet, you should never neglect timetables while writing your thesis. It is the most effective way to structure your work, organize your time, set, and achieve short and long-term goals.
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thesis printing and bindingDissertation/thesis printing and binding is an official requirement of any academic institution. First, it makes your project look nice. Second, it prevents your work from all sorts of damages, since it will be stored in the library of your institution. Finally, thesis printing and binding is the right thing to do with such a serious project like yours. It is a bit ridiculous to print your “hard work” on paper that will become yellow and covered with dust in a few years.
Usually, students get specific instructions for thesis printing and binding from their institutions. Some institutions have their own printing and binding centers. Others do not, and students need to find a company that can print and bind a thesis.
One thing we know for sure. All graduates have different experiences of thesis printing and binding. For some, it was rather an easy and quick process. Others had to spend quite a lot of time on thesis printing and binding.
This is why you should keep in mind one simple rule about thesis printing and binding: make sure you have enough time to do it. Start planning everything and searching for a company in advance.
Here are some general recommendations for thesis printing and binding.

  • Before printing a thesis, make sure that everything is all right with your project. Check pagination, margins, etc.
  • Some companies do thesis printing and binding from an electronic copy of your project (on a CD, a memory stick). You can also e-mail your project. In such cases, your thesis should have the format of a PDF file;
  • There are different types of binding, e.g. perfect binding, plastic binding, coil binding, etc. Find out which particular type is required by your institution before binding and printing your thesis.

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Posted on April 21st, 2009

thesis statementImagine that you are present on a trial and are listening to a lawyer and his/her opening argument. The main thing that you want to know is what the lawyer thinks about the guiltiness of an accused and how he/she will convince the jury.
The mission seems to be really important and rather complicated. By the way, you will have almost the same mission when writing academic papers and formulating a thesis statement. Do you want a good definition of a thesis statement? Well, it can be defined as an opening argument of a lawyer.
Let our professional writers explain you something about an effective thesis statement.
An effective thesis statement: what it is not…
Keep in mind three golden rules about a thesis statement. It is NOT:

  1. A question that can be answered with yes/no;
  2. A fact;
  3. A topic.

An effective thesis statement: where you should introduce it
A thesis statement is usually the last one-two sentences of your introductory paragraph. The reader might not read the whole introduction, but will definitely pay attention to these last sentences.
An effective thesis statement: its main characteristic
The most important thing you should remember about a good thesis statement is that it should be as much focused and specific as possible. For instance, such thesis statement as “Communism collapsed because it is wrong and evil” would be considered as vague. “Wrong” and “evil” can be viewed from different perspectives and everybody has his/her own vision of these concepts.
An effective thesis statement: how to formulate it
You will be able to create a good thesis after analyzing primary sources related to your topic. You need to understand different points of view, controversies about the topic.
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