columbia university dissertationAre you writing a dissertation in Columbia University? Do you want to know more about various rules and requirements that this university has for writing dissertations? Well, we are ready to present you some of them, and in this article, you will find general guidelines for writing Columbia University dissertations.
However, let us warn you straight away that general guidelines should be just a starting point for you. Requirements for completing Columbia University dissertations vary from school to school, from department to department. That is why you should definitely go to a dissertation office in your particular department and get all specifications there.
Anyway, what follows next are general facts you should know about writing Columbia University dissertations.
Starting off
Your work on the Columbia University dissertation will start with finding a sponsor of your project. In other words, this sponsor can be defined as an advisor. This person will guide your research and will participate in the dissertation defense. Usually, sponsors are appointed, but sometimes it is a students’ responsibility to find sponsors of their projects.
Writing Columbia University dissertation proposals
Making a proposal is a typical practice almost in any institution, and Columbia University is not an exception. However, there is one interesting thing you should know. You will have an opportunity to discuss your proposal with a research committee or other department members before a dissertation committee makes some decision about it.
Formatting Columbia University dissertations
Here are several simple rules for formatting Columbia University dissertations.

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postgraduate thesis and dissertationWriting a Master’s thesis or a doctoral dissertation or, in other words, completing projects of the postgraduate level is one of the most challenging and stressful experiences for any student.
Someone may think that nowadays writing a postgraduate thesis or dissertation is less complicated as it used to be, for instance, 10 or 20 years ago. On the one hand, it is true. All those technological advancements that we have today, e.g. Internet, various software can make the process of creating a postgraduate thesis or dissertation much easier.
On the other hand, postgraduate thesis and dissertation writers face the same problems as students had many years ago, and these difficulties cannot be solved with the help of computers or Internet.
That is why we want to answer some personal questions that all postgraduate thesis and dissertation writers have.
What is a good way to cope with the writer’s block?
The writer’s block is one of the main problems of postgraduate thesis and dissertation writers. Some can cope with it easily, while others may waste precious time having no idea what to write in their postgraduate thesis or dissertation.
Here are some ways out:

  • do not think about your postgraduate thesis or dissertation as a 300-page project. Split it into smaller tasks and think how to complete each one.
  • do not try to make everything perfect;
  • do not try to find the “right formula” of writing. Working on your postgraduate thesis or dissertation should be convenient for you first of all, and this will be the right way.

What if I have a conflict with my advisor?
There are three ways to manage conflicts with advisors:

  1. either prove that you are write;
  2. or find a compromise;
  3. or do what he/she wants you to do.

How can I stay motivated to complete my postgraduate thesis/dissertation?
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thesis analysisMaking a thesis analysis is an extremely useful exercise for those who are about to start working on their thesis projects. You have a chance to get the very gist of things you will be engaged in during the nearest year or two. Besides, you can make such thesis analysis after your own project is finished so that to define whether you have done everything properly.
We should warn you that making a thesis analysis might be tricky. First, you should read the project carefully. Second, you need to make sure that you do understand the main idea, points that its author makes.
To make a thesis analysis properly and not to miss something important, it is better to answer specific questions related to the project under analysis. We have outlined some of them below.
Thesis analysis: question 1
What is the general topic of the thesis? Try to explain what it is all about in your own words, in a few sentences. Thus, you will make sure that you got the topic.
Thesis analysis: question 2
What is the central idea or question that the author intends to answer? After you figure out the general topic, explain what specific aspect about it is considered.
Thesis analysis: question 3
Do you think the author answers the main question in the best possible way? Is research conducted good enough to answer the question?
Thesis analysis: question 4
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security dissertationSo, you have an important and rather a challenging mission – write a social security thesis or dissertation. What it means is that you have to be an expert in various social problems, ways to solve them, some legal aspects of social security, etc.
Obviously, you are stuck at the very beginning of your social security thesis writing process. Thus, we are glad to present several hints that will help you start off.
Social security thesis: hint 1
Know your field. Social security refers to many things: social insurance, income maintenance, public services, etc. These are the means of providing social security, but for you, these are the ways to narrow down the focus of your thesis on social security.
Social security thesis: hint 2
Know some peculiarities of your field. Particularly, when working on your social security dissertation or thesis, do not forget that this system varies from country to country. A lot of factors affect social security system like economics, period of time, nation, etc.
By the way, comparing systems of different countries might be the main idea of your thesis in social security. Or, you may choose a bit broader scope for completing your social security thesis and write about social security systems in different regions, e.g. Islamic system vs. Scandinavian system.
We are sure this link will be extremely useful for writing your thesis in social security.
www. issa. int/ – this is the homepage of International Social Security Association.
Social security thesis: hint 3
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market penetration strategy dissertationSo, you are working on a dissertation in Marketing and you have selected market penetration as the topic of your project.
Well, we have to say it is a good choice. Such important topic will help you stay motivated throughout the process of writing your market penetration strategy dissertation.
We are sure you are knowledgeable enough in Marketing, and your market penetration strategy dissertation will be great. However, even real experts need help sometimes.
Thus, we want to offer our hints and free dissertation writing strategies. To be specific, we have listed some important things to do before you start writing your market penetration strategy dissertation.
Dissertation strategy #1
Make sure you remember all the important aspects of Product-Market Growth Matrix developed by Ansoff. Market penetration is one of its categories, but you should know other three categories, since all of them are closely related to each other.
Dissertation strategy #2
Before you get down to completing your market penetration strategy dissertation, make sure you know answers to the following questions:

  • When does market penetration occur?
  • Under what circumstance can it begin?
  • Why do companies use this strategy?

Dissertation strategy #3
Check what you know about the ways companies use to penetrate markets. By the way, one of them can be discussed in your market penetration strategy dissertation, e.g. advertising or other marketing communications tools.

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masters degree thesisNobody will argue that a master’s degree thesis is a daunting and long work, and it is an obligatory requirement if you want to get a diploma. However, do not hurry to panic. With some planning and organization skills, almost all students manage to complete their master’s degree theses successfully.
Do you want to know more about these techniques? Do you want to know the main secrets of a successful thesis that can bring you a master’s degree? We are glad to share them!
Successful master’s degree thesis: secret 1
Since you are going to deal with a really long work, start as early as possible. Procrastination is one the leading failure factors.
Successful master’s degree thesis: secret 2
Before getting down to work, make sure you know all the specific requirements of your institution. As a rule, almost all master’s degree theses are organized according to a similar pattern. However, many institutions have their own specific requirements that you definitely have to follow.
Successful master’s degree thesis: secret 3
Do not wait until your master’s degree thesis is finished to submit it for review. Better do it each time a new section of your project is done. First, it is easier for your advisor to check your thesis in chunks. Second, you will have less work if you correct mistakes just in one chapter, but not in the whole project.
Successful master’s degree thesis: secret 4
Pay special attention to the literature review section of your master thesis. Do you remember the main purpose of completing this huge project? You have to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the chosen field of study. A perfect literature review is the most effective way to do it.
Successful master’s degree thesis: secret 5
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dissertation and thesis suggestionBefore writing this article, we have made a kind of investigation and visited several student forums. “I am about to start writing my dissertation. Anybody has topic suggestions?”, “I am writing my Law thesis. Any ideas and suggestions will be appreciated”, “Can somebody give dissertation suggestions and pieces of advice, I cannot make up my mind whether to write a dissertation or no”.
Yes, all kinds of thesis and dissertation suggestions will be helpful if you are starting one of the most important projects of your life.
Unfortunately, we do not know what subject you are writing on, thus, cannot provide some specific dissertation or thesis suggestions. However, do not hurry to close this page, since we have something interesting to tell you about thesis and dissertation suggestions.
What particular dissertation and thesis suggestions can you look for?
Actually, anything that you have troubles with can turn into a question and later into a dissertation or thesis suggestion.
Are you stuck with a topic? Ask for dissertation topic suggestions and ideas. Do you have difficulties with a proposal? We are sure you will be able to find some suggestions on how proposals should be organized.
Where can you find help and good thesis or dissertation suggestions?
As you can guess, student forums are the best sources of exclusive dissertation and thesis suggestions from thousands of real people. You will get not only good ideas for writing but also pieces of advice on how to complete your project successfully, where to find useful materials, who can help you with editing, printing, and binding your project, and so on.
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