Dissertation outline is the main structural point of your thesis. Figuratively speaking, it is a skeleton of your paper. Thus, if you need the winning paper, you need a strong dissertation outline. What do you need to know about the outline?
You must consider and, actually, write your dissertation outline before you start writing your thesis. Of course, it can be a draft variant with some stylistic roughness, but it should contain the major points of your dissertation. In this case you will never forget any important detail.

  1. In the introduction part of your dissertation outline briefly write the purpose of the study, some essential fact on background knowledge, the relevance of your thesis. It is important to formulate your thesis statement properly on the stage of your dissertation outline compiling. This will make you keep to the point.
  2. In the literature review part of your dissertation outline you can just enumerate the authors and works to include in the review. You can also note some major points to explain what makes these very works important in terms of your research.
  3. In the methods section of your dissertation outline you can only write what methods you are going to implement and briefly explain why you use them.
  4. In the Results part of your dissertation outline you can note what results you are going to obtain and what their relevance is.
  5. Finally, in the Discussion part of your dissertation outline you should briefly point out the relevance of your research and suggest some new issues to be considered in this respect.

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Moral aspect of dissertation defense preparation
Ability to sound persuasive and convince others in validity of one’s assertions is helpful in various life situations. For this reason, thesis defense might become useful experience influencing researcher’s professional and personal development. In reality, conducting a research and completing a report on it might be not that difficult as persuading experts in reliability and significance of the research results. Thus, dissertation defense preparation should not be limited to cramming the research materials, and the importance of moral aspect should not be underestimated.
A thesis defense resembles a short performance, and it is advisable to conduct a rehearsal during one’s dissertation defense preparation. Making one’s relatives and/or friends the first listeners of one’s defense speech might be helpful for improving the self-presentation skills. During the dissertation defense preparation, an individual should take into consideration the fact that reading the text to oneself is different from presenting it to the audience.
Even the most prominent project can fail in case if the researcher mumbles and/or cannot capture the listeners’ attention. Dissertation defense preparation presupposes improving the person’s oratorical skills and even developing charisma if it is necessary.
Enhancing the effectiveness of the dissertation defense preparation

  1. It is advisable to prepare a thesis speech, not relying on one’s memory and improvisation talent. Dissertation defense preparation requires presenting the speech to a friendly audience several times.
  2. It is important not to go too far, cramming the speech. During the dissertation defense preparation, a student should look through the whole report, getting ready for spontaneous discussion of separate details of the project with the members of the commission.
  3. Trying to predict possible questions of the commission during the dissertation defense preparation, an individual would minimize the risk of the failure.

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Dissertation defense presentation is an important event in the life of a student. Despite such importance, many students do not know anything about the processes taking place during dissertation defense presentation.
There are also several essential functions which dissertation defense presentations should perform. Knowledge of such aspects is essential, as it helps students to be better prepared for the defense itself. Thus, this article will provide an overview of the main aspects in dissertation defense presentation.
The preparation for the dissertation defense presentation implies several aspects. Accordingly, the preparation for the dissertation defense presentation should start long before it actually takes place. A few of steps that might help in preparation can be seen through the following:

  1. Attending the defense of other students in your or other departments, if possible.
  2. Writing down common questions asked by faculty members.
  3. Asking students who successfully defended their dissertations to provide help and suggest materials for preparation.
  4. Practicing your speech in front of an audience.

One of the main parts of preparing for the dissertation defense presentation is definitely a consultation with the advisor. Students tend to ignore such aspect, which nevertheless, might prove beneficial as it will provide a student of a glimpse of the type of responses he/she might get.
The Defense
The process during dissertation defense presentation can be made easier if several important aspects were considered. The aspects in dissertation defense presentation might include:

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When you are writing your own dissertation, it is often the case that you are struggling in search for additional information. Seemingly, all possible sources have been found and thoroughly read through. And still you lack something innovatory that may give a new turn to your work.
In this case, unpublished doctoral dissertations may be the answer you are seeking. Read on and find out how to find and use unpublished doctoral dissertations that will provide you with the information you need!
Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation: Where to Find

  • Traditionally, the place you would be looking for sources for your own research are university libraries. Along with the printed editions, students make wide use of online sources nowadays. However, the latter are mostly limited to research articles in peer-reviewed journals that are published online.
  • In fact, the scope of your research may be dramatically enlarged if you look through the unpublished doctoral dissertations. Most typically, unpublished doctoral dissertations are stored in online databases, and some universities even have specialized online databases for unpublished doctoral dissertations.
  • It is significant to know that most unpublished doctoral dissertations are represented by dissertation abstracts. Therefore, if you want to get full access to them, you might need to purchase them from the educational institution that hosts the unpublished doctoral dissertations database.
  • In addition, you may turn directly to the library where the unpublished doctoral dissertation is filed. In this case you may get direct access to the unpublished doctoral dissertation of your interest.

Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation: How to Use
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thesis papersIt seems like these days more and more students sign up for writing thesis papers and strive to get academic degrees. Definitely, this is great, since it tells a lot about the level of students’ competence in various subjects as well as about the education system in general.
However, we should also admit that not all graduate students manage to get to the very end and finish their thesis papers successfully. Yes, the rate of those who fail their thesis papers is rather high too. But what are the reasons for a failure? What can prevent somebody who wants to get a degree from writing a great thesis paper?
Below we have listed some common reasons for writing failing thesis papers. Read them carefully and make sure you do not make the same mistakes.
Reason 1
Many students care more about their studies and grades in graduate school than about thesis papers. While grades are definitely important, your final aim is a perfect research project. Do not forget about it.
Reason 2
Some graduate students completely forget about their committee and that they will have to approve a thesis paper. Mind that committee members should also know what you are doing and how your thesis paper is progressing.
Reason 3
Perfectionism is a disease that afflicts a great number of grad students, and actually, it is one of the main reasons for writing failing thesis papers. Keep in mind one simple rule – a good enough thesis paper is better than a perfect one.
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acknowledgements thesisIf you managed to get through the thesis writing process, it means many people stood by your side and supported you in the toughest moments. Hardly could you finish this project without someone’s assistance.
Now, it is high time to express your gratitude to all those people. By the way, your project includes a specific chapter called thesis acknowledgements, where you can thank everybody for their help.
Let us explain you the main things you should know about acknowledgements in a thesis.
How to write acknowledgements in a thesis
Although writing acknowledgements in a thesis is fairly easy, we still want to highlight the main steps you will have to take.
Step 1 – first, make a list of all people who you associate with writing your thesis. At this stage, you may include in your list names of anybody who comes to your mind, anybody who helped with some suggestions, ideas, etc. Your list may include:

  • advisor;
  • teachers and professors;
  • librarians;
  • lab assistants;
  • senior students and your peers;
  • friends and family members.

Step 2 – unfortunately, you cannot include all those in your list in thesis acknowledgements, otherwise it may turn into the longest chapter of your project. Narrow down your list a little. Acknowledgements in your thesis should include those who played the most important role in the completion of this work.
Step 3 – start writing acknowledgements in your thesis. This chapter may be arranged as a small essay, which should not be longer than one page.
Specific rules for writing acknowledgements in a thesis
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thesis laserPerhaps for someone, writing a thesis on laser technology sounds like an absolutely impossible mission, but definitely not for you. If you chose it as the topic of your project, you must be an expert.
Yet, even experts might face difficulties. Besides, writing your thesis on laser technology is a new experience for you, which means you cannot escape challenges.
Tips our professional writers have prepared will help you to get started and to create a perfect thesis on laser technology.
Thesis on laser technology: narrowing down the focus
One of the effective ways to narrow down a topic is to connect it with your future job. We are sure you dream about something more or less specific.
The focus of your thesis on laser technology can be narrowed to the following:

  • laser technologies in Air Forces;
  • laser technology in medicine;
  • laser shows.

In other words, the topic of the thesis on laser technology should meet your professional interests.
Thesis on laser technology: conducting research
Experiments make an important part of research you will carry out when working on your thesis on laser technology. Usually, results of such experiments are arranged into tables, diagrams, etc.
Thesis on laser technology: overall organization
Maybe, your project is different from all others because of rather an unusual topic. However, you will have to stick to the general rules of thesis writing when preparing your thesis on laser technology.

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dissertation cartoonIf you are working on a graphic design dissertation or something like that, cartoons can be the topic of your project. There are a lot of specific issues to touch upon in your dissertation on cartoons, and the final decision is up to you.
You may try to create your own cartoon or discuss some particular cartoon genres, or write your dissertation on cartoons from a bit psychological perspective and discuss the impact of modern cartoons on kids.
However, in this article we want to talk about dissertation cartoons – cartoons that were created specially for dissertation writers to help them get through and make their life and work a bit easier.
Have you not heard about dissertation cartoons? Then let us explain you something about them.
What are dissertation cartoons all about?
Dissertation cartoons, in other words, can be described as some sort of comics. They depict all kinds of situations related to dissertation writing in a funny way, and we are sure you will recognize yourself in one of the cartoons.
What is the purpose of dissertation cartoons?
Actually, people who created dissertation cartoons had one major mission – to help all dissertation writers. Some cartoons can help you get inspired and stay motivated. Others can help you come up with some ideas for another chapter of your project. Some dissertation cartoons will simply make you laugh (most likely, at yourself) and relax.
You can also send dissertation cartoons to your friend working on a dissertation if he/she has hard times.
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Posted on August 11th, 2008

thesis on motivationAt a glance, thesis on motivation seems to be quite easy to complete. Well, probably it easier to write a thesis on motivation than a Finance thesis, for instance. However, this is an illusive opinion. Paper on such a topic can be rather challenging. It can be compared to a leadership thesis. Nowadays, we can hear a lot of talks about this personal quality. Still, is there an absolutely precise definition of this phenomenon? Do all people mean the same things when they talk about leadership?
Motivation is the same ambiguous phenomenon. On the one hand, it encourages people in different good and ambitious actions. On the other hand, motivation can direct people to some wrongdoings. Thus, writing a thesis on motivation will be really exciting. You have a possibility to go deeper into peoples’ minds.
Since motivation is a rather broad topic, it should be narrowed down to some specific aspects that you may discuss in your thesis on motivation.

  • In your theses on motivation you can try to explain this phenomenon. Think of its origins, ways of achieving motivation, general significance of this feeling in our life.
  • If you want to be even more specific in your thesis on motivation, you can investigate its importance for a certain field. For instance, it would be great if you study motivation in the sphere of human resource management.
  • One more interesting and really suitable topic to consider in your thesis on motivation is motivation among students. Basically, there are two types of motivation that are distinguished among students: intrinsic and extrinsic. Think in your theses on motivation which one is more helpful for studies.

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thesis on HistoryIf you have to write a thesis on History, but you have not chosen a topic for your thesis yet, I suggest your thesis on History to be devoted to one of the most scandal personalities of the world – Adolf Hitler. This article will help you write your theses on History by providing possible thesis ideas you might include into your project.
So, if you have decided to write about the rise of Adolf Hitler in your thesis on History, the following information may be presented in it:

  • Profile of Hitler – 1889 – 1945. This section of your thesis on History may provide a brief overview of the facts about Hitler’s life. Tell about him being homeless for a certain period of time, about his love to painting, his decision to volunteer and join the German army and his gas-blindness. In your theses on History describe how he managed to recover and become the leader of the Nazi Party;
  • How Hitler came to power. You cannot but mention about the Munich Putsch in this part of your thesis on History. However, stating dry facts will be of no value in your thesis on History. You should analyze these facts. That is why, when talking about the Munich Putsch in your thesis on History, discuss its significance in the development of historical events;
  • Why people supported Hitler. In your theses on History you will also have to analyze Hitler’s oratory abilities. The time of the great Depression in Germany was also one of the most important reasons for Hitler’s victory. His promises were like a ray of the sun in darkness. So, analyze these facts in your thesis on History too.

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