Computer science dissertation writing is a common assignment for students. Some students wait for such tasks with longing, others do not express such desire. There are a number of aspects which frighten students, namely the lack of background knowledge, the inability to cope with stress and to complete the paper in time, or the fear before the topic choice.
There is a great deal of information on the Internet but most students are unable to find an appropriate topic for their computer science dissertation. Here are some specific ideas students may use while searching for a topic for their computer science dissertations.
A list of topics for computer science dissertations

  1. Computer science dissertations may focus on WAP and WEP. It may be useful to discuss those benefits. The problem of WiFi protocol security may be considered.
  2. Students may compare two different processor architectures. It could be great to single out the advantages and disadvantages of each one which students choose for discussion.
  3. Programming languages and the reasons to like one of those may be dwelled upon in students’ computer science dissertations.
  4. Computer science dissertations may be focused on the algorithms connected to wireless key coding.
  5. Students can discuss the use of innovative technologies in their computer science dissertations.
  6. Students can present a computer science dissertation on wireless networking in general and dwell upon telecommunications network in particular.

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Have faced the necessity to choose a criminology dissertation topic? This task is really not a simple one, even more so a criminology dissertation topic is usually not chosen, but developed. We offer you some hints on choosing a criminology dissertation topic.
Firstly, you need to choose the subject area for your criminology dissertation. When making your choice, consider the following issues:

  1. You interest. Writing a criminology dissertation in a field that you are interested in is a pleasure; writing without interest is torture.
  2. Your background. Dissertation writing always requires having substantial background on a chosen subject, and a criminology dissertation is not an exception. Only if having necessary background, you will be able to do high-level research and to make significant contribution to study of a chosen subject.
  3. Your career plans. Criminology dissertation writing requires spending much time and energy. Thus, it is reasonable to spend them on getting knowledge that you will be able to use in the future.

Here are the examples of popular fields for criminology dissertation writing:

  • Theories of criminology
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse
  • Prison violence
  • Ethical issues in criminology
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Sociology of criminology
  • Law enforcement
  • Crime prevention et al

After that, you choose a subject and develop a question about it. On the basis of this question, you will develop your hypothesis.
To develop a criminology dissertation question, you will have to work with different information sources:

  1. Books
  2. Journal articles
  3. Reliable websites on criminology

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Developing a theology dissertation topic often becomes a real stumbling block for students. Let us help you to cope with this task easier. This article offers hints on choosing a theology dissertation topic and a list of sample topic ideas.
Theology Dissertation: Choosing a Topic
To develop a theology dissertation topic, you need to start from broad and then to go narrower:

  1. First, you need to choose a subject area that seems the most interesting for you and where you have significant background.
  2. After you have come up with a subject area, read sources in this field and pay attention to how writers formulate questions of study.
  3. Make a list of significant issues that are studied in the field that you have chosen. Choose the most interesting one and formulate narrow questions that you would like to answer in your theology dissertation. Develop a theology dissertation topic on their basis.

Make sure that you topic relates to theology, not religious studies, as these two disciplines have different focus.
Theology Dissertation: Topic Ideas
Consider the topics offered below: they may inspire you and awake some dissertation ideas.

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thesis in information technologyWe are sure you are a real expert in the field of information technology. However, writing a thesis in information technology is the most complicated part of your course, and even real experts might have some troubles with it.
As far as we can see, you already face some difficulties with your thesis in information technology. You have signed up for this project, but now cannot even start working.
Well, we agree that the very first steps are not that easy to make. This is why our recommendations on how to start writing your thesis in information technology will be useful.
A thesis in information technology: coming up with a topic
Bet this is the main reason why you are stuck right now. The IT field is developing rapidly, and the golden rule one should keep in mind is – keep track of all new tendencies and innovations within this field. One of these recent issues can be a good topic for your thesis in information technology.
There is one factor that should affect your choice. Better select a topic that will be closely related to your future career.
A thesis in information technology: useful sources
Perhaps, you prefer to use Web resources when completing different tasks. Yet, it might be not enough to write an outstanding thesis in information technology. Do not neglect library materials or such databases as the ProQuest, where you can find the latest projects.
A thesis in information technology: make an outline
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supply chain management dissertationsSeveral weeks ago, you have signed up for writing a thesis or dissertation, and the topic of your project is supply chain management. Well, the topic is really interesting, and knowledge and experience that you can gain after completing your supply chain management thesis or dissertation will be valuable indeed.
Anyway, now you need to concentrate on writing your supply chain management dissertation. In this article, we want to share several writing secrets that will help you come up with an effective final project.
Supply chain management dissertations: secret #1
Supply chain management is a broad topic, a huge field where you need to find something specific. It will not be easy; this is why you should try to do the following:

  • Discuss various ideas with your professors and peers;
  • Keep track of the recent news and events within your filed;
  • Jot down everything you hear, see, or read related to your supply chain management dissertation.

Supply chain management dissertations: secret #2
Before getting down to work on your supply chain management dissertation, sort out what “researching” means. Researching is not only about sitting in libraries or surfing the Web all days long. Researching presupposes collecting useful information from all possible sources.
Supply chain management dissertations: secret #3
Although your supply chain management dissertation should be devoted to recent issues, do not forget about the key concepts that serve as the basis of your project. These are supply chain, logistics, purchasing, procurement, and so on.
Supply chain management dissertations: secret #4
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dissertation topic listChoosing topics for a dissertation is what the whole process begins with, and usually students face many problems at this stage. To be more exact, they face one major difficulty: coming up with a good idea for such serious project is not easy and it might take a lot of time.
This is why we have decided to talk about dissertation topic lists, places to get them, etc.
Where to get a dissertation topic list: place #1
If you do not want to spend much time and squeeze your brains, go straight to your advisor and get a dissertation topics list. Such list of dissertation topics is approved by your mentor, and you can be sure he/she is an expert in those fields.
Another way to get a list of dissertation topics is to visit the official website of your university. Here you can also find an approved list of topics that graduates can choose to research in their projects.
There is one drawback of using the list of dissertation topics given by the advisor or your institution. You might not be interested in issues offered. Thus, think twice before selecting this or that theme from the list of dissertation topics offered.
Where to get a dissertation topic list: place #2
If you are completely devoted to science and feel very serious about your project, you may create your own list of dissertation topics. Sure, it will take quite a lot of time. However, if you start making your own list of dissertation topics far beforehand, it will not be a problem for you.
Make notes during lectures, jot down some ideas when working on other papers or when discussing something with your peers. It is the most effective way to find a really captivating idea that you will be interested to research.
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Posted on February 13th, 2009

dissertation or thesis extensionWell, let us guess what brought you here. Actually, we have two possible answers:

  1. You have technical problems with your thesis/dissertation, and this means you are not able to submit it by the deadline;
  2. You lack sources to complete your thesis/dissertation on time.

Of course, there might be many other reasons why you fail to meet the deadline. The most important thing is that you desperately need to know whether you can get thesis or dissertation extension now.
Thesis extension is very difficult to get. However, sometimes situations are really serious, which means you have a chance to get dissertation or thesis extension.
The first step you need to take in order to get dissertation/thesis extension is to tell your thesis or dissertation advisor about the problem. Your advisor should send a letter to the Director of Graduate Studies. This letter should include the following information:
Current status of your dissertation/thesis
In this part of the letter, your advisor should briefly tell what is completed and what is still to be done. Here, approximate time needed to finish the project should be specified.
Reasons why you cannot meet the deadline
In this part of the letter, clear explanations why you fail to meet the deadline should be presented.
Letter informing on the expected date of submission
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Posted on January 28th, 2009

History senior thesisDuring your History classes, you have developed a good understanding of how history works and what its major issues are. Now you want to become a historian working independently. Well, you made the right decision if you signed up for writing a History senior thesis. In this article, you will find useful information on how to write a history thesis.
How to write a History senior thesis: Tip 1. Know why you need to write a History thesis
Writing is always a useful experience. While writing the History senior thesis, you learn to express your thoughts, response to the standpoints of different historians, be critical, and work with primary sources. You need this experience to become a real expert in History.
How to write a History senior thesis: Tip 2. Choose History thesis topics carefully
Choosing History thesis topics is a responsible thing, since your success depends on the chosen topic. Below, you will find several hints for selecting senior History thesis topics. Probably, they will help you get some History thesis ideas.

  1. Brainstorm
    • What were your favorite topics discussed during History classes? Why? Look through your class notes to see whether some issues could be the subject of your History thesis.
    • Have you prepared any History papers you were proud of? Look them through to see whether they could be expanded into your History thesis.
    • What are your favorite history books (either texts or novels)? What is interesting about them most of all?

  3. Pick out a problem that is open to differing interpretations
    • Are you interested in some historical personality? Why? (e.g. Anselm of Bec)
    • Do you know any event that different historians interpret in different ways? (e.g. the Crusades)

  5. Mind the availability of sources
    • Are primary sources available in your university library and in the language you can understand?
    • Are there any adequate and up-to-date secondary sources on the chosen topic?

How to write a History senior thesis: Tip 3. Formulate a thesis statement clearly
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Posted on December 16th, 2008

theology dissertationIf you have signed up for writing a Theology dissertation, be ready to accomplish a difficult and time-consuming task. Theology dissertations are not just long essays that require only philosophical thinking. You will have to be a philosopher, researcher, and theologian at the same time.
However, this should not scare you. If you make the right choice of a topic for your Theology dissertation, you will easily cope with the task.
What does “the right choice” mean in this case? Actually, it means that you will choose a topic that is interesting to investigate and is of scientific importance.
Below, you will find several ideas that can be considered in Theology dissertations.

  1. Christian Mysticism
  2. A Theology dissertation devoted to this topic will aim to consider:

    • Ancient Christian Gnosticism;
    • Orthodox Christian mysticism;
    • European mystic brotherhoods.

    To develop this idea in your Theology dissertation properly, use works of Jakob Bohme, Jan van Ruysbroek, and Heinrich Seuse.

  3. Interpretation of the Apocalypse
  4. One of the most controversial and debatable topics in Christianity is the Apocalypse. If you decide to reveal its secrets in your Theology dissertation, you will have a very serious mission. Far not every theologian or priest can interpret the Apocalypse correctly. Still, you can make an attempt to explain St. Peter’s message in your Theology dissertation.

  5. Early Christian Heresies
  6. If you are more interested in history, a Theology dissertation about early Christian heresies is just for you. You may consider the following societies and brotherhoods in your Theology dissertation:

    • The Arian heresy;
    • Nestorianism;
    • Monophysitism.

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Posted on December 4th, 2008

how to find a dissertation topicAre you trying to find an appropriate dissertation topic? Do you need a good piece of advice on how to find a dissertation topic?
 Then, you have come to the right place.
Before giving you helpful recommendations on how to find a dissertation topic, we would like to encourage you a bit. You know, it is really good that you want to complete this task, you are looking for reliable guides, and you are ready to face all the difficulties.
Now, as promised, we are going to give you some tips on how to find a dissertation topic.

  • Look through the recent news about discoveries in your research area
  • The research community always welcomes innovative topic ideas. So, look through the recent web publications of research centers and institutions. Perhaps, some of them will give you an idea of what to investigate.

  • Look through several scientific publications
  • One more way to find a dissertation topic is to scan through numerous books and scientific articles. You can find them either in the library of your university or online.

  • Consider your personal interest
  • This way of finding a dissertation topic will be effective in case you have certain interests. For example, once you have successfully defended a research paper on Pearl Harbor. You are interested in this topic, so, continue investigating it in the dissertation.

  • Ask your supervisor for advice
  • Your supervisor can offer you not only the topic corresponding to your level of knowledge but also a precious piece of advice on how to find a dissertation topic.

  • Look through dissertation databases
  • You can find a dissertation topic and many dissertation ideas in samples. Do you not know how to find a dissertation topic this way? Well, here is our advice: find several dissertation databases and study the examples of works stored there. For example, use ProQuest – it is one of the most famous databases where you can find dissertation topic ideas.

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