nursing literature reviewAre you working on a nursing dissertation? Then you should get ready to organize your search for literature and write a nursing literature review. At a glance, the task seems to be really intimidating. However, if you have enough time, a good advisor, and know the main rules, completing your nursing literature review will not be that troublesome.
You can start with this article and get general information that will help you begin your work on the nursing literature review.
What are nursing literature reviews all about?
Actually, the gist and purposes of writing a nursing literature review are the same as of reviews in any other subjects. You have to find all literature related to the chosen topic and analyze it.
You have to write the nursing literature review for the following reasons:

  • to define what is already known about your topic and what needs further investigation;
  • to find out more about research methods, techniques, instruments;
  • to define all major theories and concepts and decide how well previous studies were developed;
  • to justify your own research.

What types of information will you have to use in your nursing literature review?
To prepare an excellent nursing literature review, you will have to use both theoretical and empirical knowledge. This means that you will have to deal with various books that present theoretical basis and research projects of other scholars in your field.
Where can you find sources for your nursing literature review?
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psychology literature reviewPsychology literature reviews may be either a part of Psychology dissertations or a separate assignment. No matter what your case is, this task is not simple, and it is better to get down to preparing your Psychology literature review as soon as possible.
By the way, we strongly recommend you talk to your advisor before writing the Psychology literature review and get necessary instructions. This type of work may be completed in different ways. So, it is important to know what specific requirements you should stick to while writing your Psychology literature review.
In this article, we are ready to provide some general facts and guidelines for making good Psychology literature reviews.
Approaches to writing Psychology literature reviews
Basically, you may choose from two approaches to completing your Psychology literature review:

  1. Choose a certain research area, study all relevant works, and write a review;
  2. Think of a point that you want to make or a unifying theme, select relevant studies, and write a review.

The main purposes of making Psychology literature reviews
No matter what approach to making your Psychology literature review you choose, you will still pursue two major purposes:

  1. Describe past research done in your research area;
  2. Evaluate the work done.

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Posted on February 2nd, 2010

sample literature review paperReally, is there any urgent need to spend time on sample literature review papers? If you are absolutely sure that sample literature review papers are a waste of time, than you do not even have to read this article.
However, if somewhere deep in your mind you think that sample literature review papers might be useful, but you have no idea how exactly, spend 3 minutes to read this till the end.
First, let us remind you that a literature review is an overwhelming task, something that almost all students hate doing. We also want to remind that a really good literature review is not easy to complete. This is exactly why you should start with finding sample literature review papers.
Here are more explanations for you.
Sample literature review papers: what for?
Is this the first literature review you have to make? Then, samples are absolutely necessary. Analysis of a sample literature review paper will help you get the overall gist of this assignment. Many students take it a bit incorrectly.
Sample literature review papers: what for?
It is not the first review of literature that you make. Yet, have you already decided on the themes you want to address this time? Find recent literature review examples. Check what themes are popular among students.
Sample literature review papers: what for?
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Posted on January 16th, 2010

critical literature reviewMaking a critical review of the literature on various subjects is a common assignment, especially for college students. Sometimes, you may deal with a critical literature review as a separate task, which is called an annotated bibliography. Yet, as a rule, students have to make critical reviews of the literature as a part of their theses, research reports, etc.
You know, for many students, writing a critical literature review is a daunting and tricky assignment. But, if you know the main rules and have enough time for preparing it, your critical literature review will not cause too many problems.
We have listed several essential points one should keep in mind when working on a critical literature review.
A critical literature review: what it is not
Remember one simple thing: a mere list of sources studied as well as mere summaries of some materials ARE NOT a critical literature review.
What is a critical literature review?
It is better to explain your major task. So, your main mission boils down to critical evaluation of works published by other scholars on the topic you are investigating. Your mission also includes conveying already existing knowledge on a certain topic, defining its strong and weak points, and presenting areas for further investigation.
Things you should do when writing a critical literature review
There are 4 things you have to do:

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Literature Review WritingIf you talk to a dissertation writer, you will find out that a literature review in a dissertation is the most complicated part of the whole project. Maybe, you do not realize this yet. However, once you get down to making the literature review section of your dissertation, you will understand it is really so.
In this article, we want to answer some of the most disturbing questions related to making a literature review in dissertations.
Why is it important to make a literature review in a dissertation?
Reviewing literature is a really important stage of the dissertation writing process. There are several reasons for that.

  1. Without a literature review you will not understand your topic fully;
  2. You will not know what has already been researched and what can be researched further;
  3. You will not know what methods are appropriate for the investigation of your topic.

What is a good literature review in a dissertation about?
Sure, it is necessary to list several basic features of a good literature review in a dissertation. So, what you will have to do is:

  • Introduce your personal opinion about different works;
  • Compare and contrast works of different authors;
  • Demonstrate your awareness of key theories and concepts related to the topic.

What does a literature review in a dissertation begin with?
Your work on a literature review in a dissertation will start as follows:

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sample literature review papersIf you have never made literature review papers, you have no idea what a daunting task it is. At least, this is what students who have experience in making literature reviews say.
Thus, if you have to make one, you definitely have to find and analyze sample literature review papers. We are sure finding good sample literature review papers will not be a problem. Just spend some time surfing through official websites of some academic institutions.
Let us assume you have a couple of sample literature review papers. What are you going to do next? What aspects should you pay attention to? These are some hints on how to analyze sample literature review papers.

  • First, just read sample literature review papers carefully to get a general idea of this type of work. What themes are covered in samples? Which of them can you develop further in your own research?
  • Then, look how many sources are used in sample literature review papers. What types of sources do other students use: textbooks, scientific articles, Web resources, etc?
  • Afterwards, define what purposes the authors of sample literature review papers had. Did they critique sources, summarize them, or synthesize? This will help you understand what your own purposes will be when making a literature review.
  • Finally, pay attention to additional information in sample literature review papers. Did the authors use some definitions or background information? Will you have to do the same in your own paper?

We want to remind you once again that making a good literature review is rather challenging. It is not just about pointing out positive or negative sides of this or that source. Completing this task is about analyzing heaps of materials that will be the basis of your research.
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