writing thesis statementIt is not a secret that writing a thesis statement is considered to be one of the trickiest stages of the writing process. Because of its functions, writing a thesis statement is taken so seriously. It helps to:

  • present the main idea of a paper;
  • introduce the writer’s position on a problem;
  • grab the reader’s attention.

Thus, writing a thesis statement usually requires enough time and efforts. Here you can find a more detailed answer to the question “What is a thesis statement”.
In this article, we want to share several effective ways of writing thesis statements and making them eyeball catchy.
Writing a thesis statement: way 1
To grab the reader’s attention, try to “attack” a well-known truth, something that is usually taken for granted, e.g. “It is believed that…, but in reality…”
Writing a thesis statement: way 2
Drawing unlikely parallels and making unusual connections is another way to make your thesis catchy. It can be something like that “Newton’s law of universal gravitation can be used to explain the relations between the main characters of the story”.
Writing a thesis statement: way 3
Rehabilitate a “bad guy”. During your studies, no matter whether it is Literature, or History, or some other subject, you will meet a lot of “anti-heroes”. Try to look at them from a positive point of view, justify their actions, and make it the main idea of your thesis statement.
Writing a thesis statement: way 4
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thesis acknowledgementYou are going to finish your thesis project soon. Do you think you would be able to finish it without so many people who were by your side? The answer is obvious!
So, this is high time to thank all of them and write your thesis acknowledgement page. Do you have some doubts on how thesis acknowledgements should be organized? Then let us help you with this part of your project.
What are thesis acknowledgements about?
We are sure you already know the answer. A thesis acknowledgement page is designed to express your gratitude to all people who were somehow important for your research and work.
How to write thesis acknowledgements
You may take the following steps to organize your thesis acknowledgement page properly.
First, put down on paper the names of all people who helped you get through your project. You may include:

  • Your advisor;
  • Committee members;
  • Any faculty member;
  • Librarians;
  • Lab assistants;
  • Family;
  • Friends, etc.

Second, you will have to narrow down this list, since it is not necessary to mention every single person in your thesis acknowledgements. Think about those who contributed to your success greatly.
Useful phrases for your thesis acknowledgements
You may use the following expressions for writing the thesis acknowledgement page:

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a good thesis statementLet us not waste your time talking about the significance of a good thesis statement. We just want to tell you that every reader is looking for it once he/she takes your paper and starts reading it.
If the reader cannot find a good thesis statement or finds it but it is ineffective, most probably he/she will quit reading further. This is why we suggest you learn some golden rules of making a good thesis statement right now!
A good thesis statement does the following:

  • states what you are going to prove or believe in;
  • distinguishes a well thought-over paper from a mere retelling of facts and events;
  • helps you stay focused throughout the writing process.

The main characteristics of a good thesis statement
A good thesis statement should meet the following requirements:

  • It should be clear and focused;
  • It should be arguable;
  • It should reflect your position on a topic.

Things to avoid in a good thesis statement
There are two things that should be avoided in a good thesis statement:

  • Vague language, e.g. “issues”, “it seems”;
  • The first person, e.g. “in my opinion”, “I suppose”.

How to make a good thesis statement
There are several questions that you should ask yourself if you want to make a good thesis statement:

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thesis statementsAlthough essays and other types of written assignments are something that students make on a regular basis, creating strong thesis statements is one of the weak points of many students. Ineffective thesis statements are also one of the reasons why grades on papers are reduced.
We suppose it is high time to stop making weak thesis statements and learn some simple strategies on how to cope with this task successfully.
First, let us check whether you know what a thesis statement is all about.
The definition of a thesis statement
It is a sentence (or two) that reflects the purpose of writing a paper and highlights its main points.
The main characteristics of strong thesis statements
Each time when you try to make a thesis statement, make sure it fits the following characteristics.

  • It is your assertion and not a fact that you state;
  • It expresses your position on a subject;
  • It is narrow and specific;
  • It introduces one or two main points of your work.

The right place for thesis statements
A thesis statement should appear in the introductory paragraph of your paper. First, you make a “hook” – an attention-grabbing first sentence. After that, you make a lead-in sentence – something like a brief introduction to the topic of your paper. Finally, you write a thesis statement that highlights the main points you are going to make.
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